Leather Care



Now that you have invested in a beautiful new leather item, you must now take a few simple steps to ensure it stays looking fabulous for a long time.

As leather is a natural product it will wear and age with time, taking proper care and frequent maintenance will ensure it lasts and avoid the common issues that come with leather goods.

Just like our own skin, leather needs to be cared for and kept moisturized so it stays in good condition over the years. However, even with excellent care leather will age and there is no avoiding this.

The aging effect is called ‘Patina’ and is a one of the desirable aspect of owing a leather item, this effect is almost impossible to replicate without the natural wear and tear that leather bags and accessories go through with everyday use.

This natural aging process adds character, that being said; a well looked after leather bag is just a beautiful if not more so then than a brand-new leather bag, with every scratch and mark telling a story of its own.

Over time your leather bag will lose moisture and oils causing it to dry out and the fibres in the leather to break rather than stretch, the more you use your bag the faster this will happen.

To avoid this, make sure you frequently moisturize the leather to protect it, we recommend the application of a leather protector prior to using any new leather item. Regular treatment with a leather conditioner will extend the life of the product.

If you are applying a waterproof product we highly suggest you apply a leather care product first to help lock in moisture and keep the fibres of the skin supple before sealing it.

Always do a spot test before you apply any product on leather by applying a small amount to a non-visible area, leave it for 24hours to see if there is any discolouration and if you are happy with the results.

Completely avoid using products that contain Lanolin, often found in baby wipes.


Polishing and Scratches

Do your best to avoid scratching your leather by keeping it away from sharp objects and paying careful attention when putting your item down or on the ground.

Most of our leather goods come with a very handy protective storage bag to keep your leather item safe when you travel or are not using it.

It’s safe to say that if you are using your leather accessory daily scratches are almost always unavoidable, thankfully most scratches can be treated, or steps taken to avoid them in the first place.

Depending on the leather finish you can create a protective layer by applying boot polish or saddle soap which helps to avoid small scratches or marks.

If you notice any small marks in the leather you can treat the scratches by rubbing it gently with your fingers as the natural oils on your skin will work into the leather.

For any large scratches and marks apply a tiny amount of oil to the mark, sunflower is commonly used on leather (be sure to spot test first as mentioned above) leave it for a few minutes to soak in and then wipe the excess away with a clean soft cloth.

If the marks are still visible you can try applying a leather polish or dye to help cover it.

It is IMPORTANT to note that applying any form of polish will almost always change the colour of the leather. ALWAYS spot test to check the outcome before applying the product to the whole item.