Squid Earrings - Black

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While often far from our shores, New Zealand has over 85 species of squid! Our marine environment is as important as the terrestrial but are often hard to study, hard to protect and in the case of squid, hard to even find!
Three interesting facts about squid:

  • Squid have three hearts
  • Giant squid eyes are the size of Frisbees
  • Squid proteins are being used to develop alternatives to plastic

These earrings are laser cut from ice cream container lids which would otherwise be going to landfill.

Hooks (stainless steel, hypoallergenic)
Size: 5.5cm high and 4.5 cm wide at widest point (tentacles). 

Made from polypropylene (PP) ice cream container lids in Christchurch, NZ by Remix Plastic.
Each pair is unique with its own embossing from the tub lids - we celebrate their uniqueness, as we hope you do!

Product Code: RPSQ2021