Pied Cormorant Feather Earrings - Black/White

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Introducing our statement black and white layered feather earrings, inspired by the New Zealand Pied Cormorant! These earrings are laser-cut from recycled ice cream container lids, diverted from landfill and transformed into a beautiful and unique accessory.

Pied Cormorants, also known as shags, are an important species in New Zealand's marine ecosystem - they are found throughout the country and are important indicators of the health of ecosystems. They are sensitive to changes in the environment and can serve as an early warning system for problems such as pollution or overfishing.

There are six species of shags in New Zealand, these earrings pay tribute to its distinctive black and white plumage of the Pied Cormorant. 

By wearing these recycled plastic earrings, you can show your love for this incredible bird and the vital role it plays in our marine ecosystem. Plus, you can feel good knowing that you're wearing a sustainable accessory that helps to reduce waste and protect the planet.

Dimensions: large feather 8cm x 1.5cm at widest point.
Hooks: Hypoallergenic (silver in colour)
Made in Christchurch, NZ by Remix Plastic.
Each feather is unique with its own colours (and blemishes) - they are fully functioning and we celebrate their uniqueness, as we hope you do!

Product Code: RPPC2023